August 10 - August 31 - September 28 - October 5 - October 26 (FINAL 2019 EVENT)  

All events are held at the Gore James Cumming Wing, at the same times every event.

Ages 15 and Under Event: 12:00 Noon until 5:00pm

  Ages 16+ Event : 6:00pm until 11:00pm

$20.00 Per Person - Pay Cash at Door,

or Email us to reserve a seat.



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August 17 - September 14 - October 19 - November 2 - Nov 9 - Nov 16 - Nov 23 -

December 7 - December 14 

All events are held at the Rear Room of 'The Pantry' @ 'The Pod' - 133 Grace Street, at the same times every event.

(Times need udpated)

Invercargill Events are FREE to join, but you must register!

August 24 - September 21 - October 12 

All events are held at the North Dunedin: Sargood Center, 40 Logan Park Drive.

Ages 15 and Under Event: 12:00 Noon until 5:00pm

  Ages 16+ Event : 6:00pm until 11:00pm

$20.00 Per Person - Pay Cash at Door, or Email Us to reserve a seat.

NOVEMBER 30 - Fortnite Competition 

(Hopefully more announced in 2020!)


All intellectual property in the HULISK computer system with built-in monitor, including design registrations in New Zealand, Europe and the US, is wholly owned by James Wards.


My name is James Earl Aitken Wards, and I am the sole operator of revolutionary new social development platform in New Zealand. What began as a fun activity for my own friends in 2017, I began to notice the positive influence it had on my local community the more popular it became. What unfolded since 2017 has been the proudest accomplishment of my life, but it is far from over yet. Allow me to introduce you to:

Your Corps is a social development organization, that provides diverse communities access to incredibly powerful computer systems, coupled with a sophisticated network, allowing local participants to engage in advanced, multiplayer video gaming experiences.

Fundamentally, Your Corps is a social development organization. No such social development platform exists within New Zealand which targets the most significant demography, the younger generation and their love for video games.

We strive to turn the common misconception about video gaming culture around. Your Corps has demonstrated that video games enjoyed in the same environment, with face to face social interaction ,is a wonderful opportunity for many like minded individuals to make new friends all while in a safe, monitored and welcoming environment.

Providing access to such incredible computer hardware for lower to medium income households sparks a passion for computers, and becomes a routine socially constructive activity for the younger generation, who otherwise may find themselves in regular strife, simply out of no other positive social alternatives in their communities, or the activities already provided they may otherwise not be interested in.

We provide the platform for video gaming enthusiasts to exercise their favorite hobby, while participating in an authentic and engaging social atmosphere.

I felt my own local community lacked something modern that would captivate the interest of the younger generation, as they are increasingly following trends situated around technology. Many Youth Group co-ordinators I had spoken with have all expressed the difficulty they have targeting the primary concerning demography of teenagers when entering that difficult age of social misdirection, but left uninterested in what traditional youth services are currently equipped to provide.

I also felt the majority of young adults in my community have very few other social alternatives in the weekend, other than to go to the pub or play contact sports, all of which centralize around the consumption of alcohol. The only other alternative for many is to stay at home and play video games. So, I thought why not make video games the fundamental element of a new social alternative instead?

I thought I would try to provide what myself and my friends were already typically doing in the weekends, getting together in the same room and playing video games, and figure out some way to take that engaging social experience to the rest of the community.

Your Corps organizes routine, public events throughout various communities around New Zealand. We host different events throughout a weekend for different ages, providing suitable games for appropriate audiences. We provide all the necessary equipment required, and our participants are not required to bring anything other than themselves.

No other multiplayer video gaming venue has the transportation capabilities that Your Corps offers, nor do they actively pursue the dedicated and passionate  involvement we demonstrate within local communities.

Your Corps has even designed and patented it's own revolutionary computers, allowing us to provide our services more efficiently.

We also take great pride in involving ourselves in community initiatives, such as various social programs and workshops.

Our multiplayer video gaming operation doesn't just focus on delivering entertainment, we also pay careful consideration to mental health and well being.


We promote a friendly, open environment allowing anyone to walk through our doors and be regarded as a worthy battle companion.


We believe our programs and events are a great opportunity for people to develop a sense of comradery, friendship and a sense of community when participating in the shared passion for multiplayer video gaming.


We also encourage gaming in moderation. We enforce routine breaks at all of our events.


Youth Crime, Drug Abuse and Underaged Drinking are consistent issues alarming any community. Our aim is to create a viable social alternative for the younger generation to participate in on the weekends, without the need for drugs and alcohol. Going to the movies or ice skating with younger siblings becomes much less 'cool' at a certain age, and that's about when going to parties and getting into trouble on the weekends generally replaces conventional family activities. Your Corps strives to be the coolest thing you can involve yourself in on the weekends with your friends.

Events are hosted regularly to provide a socially constructive alternative to alcohol related events for teenagers and young adults in the weekends. Our events enforce a strict zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol and uncivilized social behavior.

After school and holiday programs are available upon request! Our mobile operation is easy to setup and we have many games suitable for varying ages, such as Minecraft for younger audiences.

We have a wide variety of historical, educational experiences, such as Medieval, Napoleonic, World War 1, World War 2, and Vietnam experiences. Playing these games sparks a fascination with certain events throughout history, and encourages children to study more about them.

Children have always learned through play - this is nothing new. Games are such an important learning tool because people are more inclined to learn when the level of challenge is just sufficient to keep them interested without fear of failure. Well-designed games encourage creativity, imagination, problem solving, collaboration and competition, as well as resilience.

School Bullying is also something we target. We provide an alternative social club within the school for those who are not currently involved with anything, as the majority of extra-curricular activities offered by schools are predominately situated around physical sports.

With school holidays, many parents find their children will play a lot of video games regardless. We design our school holiday programs to focus around a much more socially interactive video game experience, as opposed to just staying at home with the curtains drawn all day. We also encourage gaming in moderation. If the weather is good, they still get to run around outside and play. Statistics also show that youth crime rates are higher during the school holiday period nationwide, so providing an engaging social experience for the youth during this time is one effect solution for addressing the issue.

Our actions within the community and the services we provide are appreciated all over New Zealand. We regularly receive help from local businesses that understand the significance of what we are trying to accomplish.

In 2018, I was chosen to represent Southland as it's Head Chairperson for the New Zealand E-Sports Federation.

The NZESF is a regulatory board, aiming to make competitive multiplayer video gaming a professional sport in New Zealand, and E-Sports is well on it's way to become the biggest sport on the planet. I am honored to be apart of such a wonderful opportunity, and to make it accessible to those down here in this part of the country.