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Your Corps KIWI LEAGUE is an all-in-one esports solution for schools across New Zealand.  We provide everything; from the equipment, tournaments, culture and environment.


What is Esports?

Esports, short for electronic sports, is a form of competition using video games against other people, on other devices. Like traditional sports, such as rugby and netball, video games can be played competitively with teams. The esports industry has grown significantly over the last decade, with 2 out of 3 NZ kids surveyed expressing a great desire to participate in these kinds of activities. However, this opportunity is not available to many NZ children, and we hope to change that.

Esports Career Pathways

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Accessibility and Sustainability

Your Corps has established itself as New Zealand’s leading esports provider, and in conjunction with our Kiwi League™ esports initiative, we aim to provide an entire turn-key accessibility solution to all schools and kids within New Zealand.


Recycled ewaste, reducing environmental impact, and reducing computer costs.

Teaching kids how to build the computers, earning NCEA credits.

Cheap, high-performance esports computers and support for your school.

Train against other schools every week and prepare for the annual championship.

Join our annual championship tournament, with schools traveling from all over NZ to participate.

Weekly School League Matches Between Other NZ Schools:

Every NZ school participating in our Kiwi League initiative will have the opportunity every-week to jump on our leased computers after-school, and battle other teams from other schools all over New Zealand as a training exercise, practicing throughout the school terms in preparation for our gigantic, nation-wide esports tournament hosted each year in Invercargill, where teams from all over New Zealand travel for in order to physically participate in, where we discover which school claims the championship title and extensive media coverage.


Our online community will enable all school esports facilitators to share knowledge and interact with other school esports teams, in order to access further funding leads, such as covering travel and accommodation costs during tournament season, and to further the general development of esports opportunities within their own community and region. Facilitating self-directed esport activities at school will be incredibly simple with our programme, as the only thing students will require is access to the computers after school. Once online, they can link up remotely with other NZ school esport teams (on a predetermined roster) and jump straight into the action.


Regular, nation-wide school esports tournaments:

Your Corps has been leading nationally with it’s esports opportunities for school ages children in New Zealand, winning numerous awards and regularly hosting the largest esports events of their kind. Winners of our most recent tournament were front page news of the Otago Daily Times. With these large tournaments, we are providing an opportunity for NZ schools to justify pursuing their esports ambitions, by organizing teams and regularly training with great ambitions, as we are progressively provide bigger and better esports opportunities for our nations youth. For the past 3 years, we have consecutively hosted 3 of the largest annual school esports tournaments in NZ history, which have seen hundreds of kids participate at each event, with our most recent tournament featuring 25 different school teams. We are determined to continue to deliver these events every year, and would like to encourage your school to participate, by giving you everything you need to join us!

Esports Tournament

Otago Esports Brawl I
Esports Tournament

Gender Queer and Female Rangatahi
Esports Tournament

Southern Rocket Masters
News Coverage

Trackmania Motorsport Challenge
Live Coverage

Expand your schools esports experience:


In addition to our computer leasing and esports  facilitation, which includes engaging with other school teams online, we are also able to provide the worlds most holistic and modern youth wellbeing programme, should you wish to seek substantial social, mental and physical benefits for your students.

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