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Educational Opportunities

Your Corps is able to provide remote delivery of educational opportunities to schools and community organisations across New Zealand in the form of our STAR CORPS educational programme; providing NCEA credits to all of those who complete our courses.


James Earl Aitken Wards

Founder and Operator of Your corps

"Education is something I care about very seriously. I hated High School, as I never found anything of relevance regarding technology or computers was offered by the educational curriculum. That was over 15 years ago, and after investigating the educational system 15 years later; I'm appalled to see how little this has evolved, particularly with the effective use of technology, regarding its domination of the modern work environment. With my youth mentoring responsibilities, I'm regularly seeing kids expressing the exact kind of frustration with their education; there is still nothing of relevance to them on offer in the educational curriculum to pursue their technological and digital pursuits enthusiastically. Instead; these kids neglected by the same educational system I experienced are ending up disenfranchised, angry and frustrated teenagers; thus the reason I set out to create our own STAR course endeavour. As fate would have it, it was a STAR course that I was encouraged to take at High School, as a last resort before expulsion; that irrefutably transformed my life and allowed me to develop the skills I required to develop Your Corps. No other child should ever feel the same as myself once did at school; a goldfish judged by it's ability to climb a tree. If our educational curriculum has been unable to adapt in 15 years; I refuse to sit by and wait another 15 years and let it fail more students that harbour enormous, unrecognized potential. Without my STAR course 15 years ago, I would be nothing of what I am now today."

Course Summary

Unit Standard: 29782 

Level 2: 5 Credits ( 50 Hours )

Demonstrate knowledge of computer hardware, software and terminology to select digital tools for specified purposes.

This course can also be completed as Level 1: Achievement Standard AS91882

Course Costs:

STAR COURSE CORPS BOX: Cost Pending - In development - Includes fully working computer, and all the necessary course related material and access to online resources (such as video guides and walkthroughs).

Cost Break Down: (Cost Pending - In development)

Course Marking - Cost Pending - In development. This cost is to cover our certified assessor to mark each individual paper. *If your school or institution or school has it's own accredited assessor, then you can save this cost.

Your Corps: Cost Pending - In development – Your Corps will receive $600.00 for each computer, which involves all the labour involved and preparation, repairs and upgrades for each computer to get shipped out.

Accreditation Bonus: Cost Pending - In development – We are offering an accreditation bonus of $100.00 per box as an incentive for any organization, institution or school that helps facilitates student enrolment in this course. *If your school or institution is paying for it's own students, then you can save this cost.

*Freight costs are not included in the box costs, as these will vary depending on where they are going, so this is applied depending on who’s getting what where. One students complete the course, machines are then sent back on returned freight in the same box they arrived in, for machines to get sent back to be prepared for the next class/kids.


Shipping Rates: (These may be subject to change)

Local and Local Town: $6.82 
Sector One (Otago/Central Otago): $12.34
Sector Two (Rest of South Island): $21.62
North Island Economy:  $45.80
North Island Overnight: $67.60
Any Rural Address Extra: +$7.40

Course Objectives

Screenshot 2023-01-06 025820.jpg

•Build confidence with computers. •Learn what each internal component of a computer does. 

•Put together an entire computer. •Navigate an Operating System. •Basic introduction to networking •Hosting a multiplayer video game and finishing with some FUN! 

On-Site Delivery


On-Site delivery is available for classes up to 20 kids, anywhere in the South Island, which includes a Your Corps Tutor at your request!

Nation-Wide Remote Delivery

REMOTE copy.jpg

Remote delivery is available anywhere in New Zealand.  We can send our boxes to any educational institute or school interested in facilitating students in this programme. This will include full access to all of our online course materials and resources.

International Remote Delivery


Remote delivery is available anywhere in the world.  We wish to extend the opportunity for International Students to learn, preparing them for further education and opportunities in New Zealand, or to further their own educational endeavours within their own country.

Our ultimate goal is to further the education of children in Third-World countries, by sending them unlimited resources and assistance; providing them First-World Accessibility and Education, regardless of where they are or what their circumstances may be.

Online Resources Example

Learn with James; Founder and Operator of Your Corps, as he guides you step-by-step through all of our online resources!

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