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Sponsor A Computer

We wish to invite businesses, corporates and brands to advertise at our community video gaming events; by purchasing computers to be used at our events.

Get A Vinyl Wrapped Computer Plastered in Your Branding, to be used at all of our events. Forever.

$5000.00 INC-GST

Per-Computer Advertising Space.

*Advertising Example: Scott Innovation Gore

*Or Only $3333.50 if you claim it as a charitable donation, saving you $1666.50!

Our Advertising/Sponsorship deal is simple. Buy computers for the kids to use at our events, then we are going to use them. Forever.

The more computers you buy, the more advertising presence you have at all of our events.

No Terms. No Contracts. No Annual Fees.

Just buy computers for kids. Simple.

If, for whatever reason- in the far distant future, bigger sponsors wish to take over all the advertising space and remove any 'conflict of interests'; they will have to buy-out your sponsored computer, and we will fully refund your computer sponsorship.


Get Your Business/Corporate/Brand Advertised on Computers at Events Like These!

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