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Every Computer Sold - Provides A FREE Computer for the Kids. 

Our main business isn't selling Computers; Our main business is providing more opportunities to Young People.

Instead of chasing miniscule profit margins; we decided we're only going to sell our computers to the public;

if it gets more FREE computer access for kids.

Whatever it costs us to build and assemble a computer, we are selling it for double. This means when we sell 1 computer, we can build 2 computers. When we sell 2 computers, we can make 4 computers. When we sell 4 computers, we can make 8 computers.

When you buy any one of our computers; you've sponsored a bonus computer; which will be deployed at our
Your Corps Social Development Events for Young People of local communities; where we are getting local governing and funding groups (such as City Councils or Community Funders) to fund the facilitation of these events entirely, so youth can access these computers for free, regardless of their circumstances.

Feel good about buying your next computer from us; knowing that you have provided opportunities for hundreds of kids. 

SCREEN_SIZE copy.png

Scratch and Impact Resistant Screen.

Corps® Core™ has a large and vibrant 21.5 inch (476.44mm x 268.11mm) LCD screen, which is protected by 4mm of tough, transparent acrylic. This makes it extremely resistant to screen poking and prodding, scratches and impacts. If your protective screen layer needs replaced, it is extremely cheap and easy to do so by watching the video guides on our page, or send it back to us and we can do it for you!

Screen Size: 21.5 inch
Active Screen Area: 476.64mm x 268.11mm
Max Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate: 60hz

(*If you require a higher refresh-rate and screen resolution; you can easily plug in a secondary monitor using the HDMI output)

Webcam. Microphone. Speakers.

Live-Stream Ready.


Live-Streaming your video games can be a massive hassle for many. Corps® Core™ has built in speakers, a microphone and a webcam, able to provide convenient streaming functionality straight out of the box!


Fully Adjustable Tilt,

Find your ultimate viewing angle with Corps® Core™ leg-tilting functionality. Simply loosen the easy-grip hand screws, adjust the viewing angle, then tighten again to retain the preferred viewing position.

Full Desktop Components.


Despite it's compact size; Corps® Core™ has superior air cooling and component options compared to any other all-in-one system; utilizing 2 x 120mm Fans and 2 x 80mm Fans for air cooling. You can also fit almost any twin-slot desktop GPU (up to 270mm long). For CPU cooling; you can fit an air-cooled heatsink assembly that does not exceed 55mm in height. Power for the system is provided by any SF-ATX form-factor Power Supply Unit. Regarding Motherboard compatibility; M-ATX and M-ITX boards will fit, with mounting holes provided for both M-ATX and M-ITX

Quick Specifications:
• Construction Material: Powder-Coated Steel
• 2 x 120mm Fans
• 2 x 80mm Fans
• GPU Max Size: Twin-Slot Max - Max Length: 270mm
• CPU Heatsink + Fan Max Height: 55mm
• PSU Form Factor: SF-ATX
• Motherboard Compatibility: M-ATX, M-ITX.


Upgradeable Input and Output

INPUT copy.png

Corps® Core™ allows you to plug in a huge variety of accessories with it's large number of input options; by using a customizable plate to mount a variety of connector options. You can choose to update the Connector Plate in the future, by ordering a new plate and connectors from us, to accommodate different connection solutions in the future.

By default; Corps® Core™ will be provided with the illustrated connection options pictured above;

• 1 x Ethernet Port.
• 1 x HDMI Output. (connect an additional secondary, larger monitor to use as your primary display.)
• 6 x USB 3.0 Ports. *Provided your motherboard has that many USB ports and Internal Headers.
• 1 x 3.5mm Headphone Jack.
• 1 x 3.5mm Microphone Jack.
• 2 x WIFI SMA RF Connectors (WIFI antennas are screwed onto these.) *You must have a Motherboard that has WIFI
• 1 x Combination Power and Reset Button.

All Input and Output connectors are protected and covered with tethered dust proof caps.


Designed with Thermodynamics in-mind.

Corps® Core™ was designed to be as efficient as possible when distributing cool air and dissipating heat from the system. Some components produce more heat than others, so the isolation of the 3 primary heat producers into individual  zones allows for each component to be cooled independently; without excess heat contaminating adjacent compartments.


As for the integrated monitor; the heat LCD panel produces barely even registers on the scale; operating on only 35 watts of power.


PSU copy.png


The entire Corps® Core™ computer system is designed to be fully functional with only one-single-cable; the power cable. It is possible to have no other cables for a full cable-free experience; for example- using WIFI for your internet and a wireless keyboard and mouse, would enable you to be be entirely cable free (except for power). The LCD monitor is provided power and video signal internally, so no power/video cables required here!

overall_dimensions copy.png

Overall Dimensions

Length: 600mm
Width: 95mm
Height: 392mm
Protective Case:
Packaging Dimensions:


COVER copy.png

Environmentally Sustainable Shipping.

Tens of Millions of electronic products are shipped every year using single-use plastics and polystyrene as throw-away protective packaging; which is easily one of the most environmentally destructive practices ever devised by humanity.

The Corps® Core™  computer system ships with: Zero. Waste.

Instead of sending you garbage; we are sending you steel-armoured, impact and water-resistant gloriousness.

Replacing the Old Adage of: 'Throwing the Box Away'- we're providing packaging worth keeping: to envelop your electronic excellence, eternally.

This life-long packaging solution allows you to pack up your Corps® Core™ confidently; such as sending it back to us for servicing, repairs or upgrades; or to take it anywhere- such as a friends house or LAN Party!



Sustainable Design Logistics and Servicing.

Disposable products and our throwaway culture is creating a dangerous precedent regarding the sustainability of our environment.


Even a small 'Clean Green' nation such as New Zealand; is throwing away on average 97,000 tonnes of electronic waste into landfill every-year. This is primarily due to electronic manufacturers designing products to become 'obsolete' within a few short years; where the consumer is expected to throw the old device away and buy a brand new one; instead of updating old hardware.

Electronic manufactures are also designing products that are difficult, labour intensive and costly to recycle.

Under-resourced and under-funded recycling initiatives are unable to process the astronomical amount of electronic waste produced, and is not a viable independent solution. Breaking this environmentally destructive cycle by utilizing Sustainable Design is the most effective way we can eliminate electronic waste from being thrown into landfill, by extending the life-cycle of these products indefinitely and making them easier to dismantle and recycle efficiently. 


Corps® Core™ is modularly designed, with every single component and panel available to be repaired, replaced, updated and changed, ensuring that all new form factors and future components are 100% compatible with the system, meaning you will never have to buy another computer again; simply upgrade the one you have already. 


We will provide tutorials, parts and video guides on our website to support and guide you through every imaginable upgrade as we release them. Alternatively you can always send your Corps® Core™ back to us in your Protective Case and we can do everything for you!

International Shipping Available


The durable steel protective case of the Corps® Core™ ensures that it can be reliably shipped anywhere in the world!

You can calculate the shipping costs by clicking the button below; and entering the packaging dimensions to get a shipping estimate.

Shipping Estimate

Unlimited Design Options

A computer should have a personality that becomes your extension of your expression! Customize your Corps® Core™ with unlimited design options! Choose designs from a library of community uploads; or download a template and get designing your own!



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