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Sponsor An Event

Promote your businesses Involvement by sponsoring a FREE event for the youth in your community. Instantly become the talk of your town, with your name in the lights for our next big event!


DownerNZ, Yrless+ and Vincent Roofing are some examples of businesses that have sponsored events!

$2,500.00 INC GST
For a FREE
4 Hour Youth Event

*Or Only $1666.67 if you claim it as a charitable donation, saving you $833.33!

Have a greater impact on your community with your business advertising. For a one-off cost, this will provide a free video gaming event for up to 40 kids and teenagers in your community. Your business branding will be plastered all over this good deed, and everyone in your community will know about it. Here is the kind of publicity your business will receive as a result of your sponsorship; 


•Branded advertising poster designed and produced; to be shared and displayed at all community organisations in the region. 
•Advertising in all schools in the region, going home to parents.
•Advertising posted and shared on all social-media in the region.
•Contact local Newspapers regarding to the event, with articles referring to you as the event sponsor.

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