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CORPS® CORE™ GHOST - CLASS: A0 (Empty Shell)
•This is an Empty Corps® Core™ Shell; without a computer.

These Empty-Shell Product-Options will allow you to;

A: Order an empty Corps® Core™ to transplant your old desktop computer into; by following our video guides here. (Screen and Accessories Included)

B: Purchase your own desktop components from a wholesaler to build your own Corps® Core™ by following our video guides here. (Screen and Accessories Incldued)

C: Order a replacement Vinyl Wraped Corps®­ Core™ if you want a fresh new design, using the same parts you already have. (Screen and Accessories not included)

•All options are available in Black or Vinyl Wrapped.


  • •PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a computer; just an empty case.

    •Includes protective steel shipping case.

    Colour Options:
    Your will have the choice of Black (+$0.00) or Custom Vinyl Wrap (+$TBA). If you have your own custom template you wish to have applied to your purchase, then please email your template to us at and include your purchase order number in the email, after making your purchase here.

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