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•The most powerful Corps® Core™ of all classes. Built entirely from brand new components; each with their own manufacturers warranty (generally 3-5 years, depending on the manufacturer.)
•Complete, pre-built computer ready-to-go straight out of the box!
•Suitable for extremely heavy gaming, streaming and productivity.
•Able to be easily upgraded at a later date.
•Available in Black or Vinyl Wrapped.
•Your choice of operating system: Linux or Windows 10 Pro.


  • •Has a webcam, microphone and built-in speakers. Easily capable of live-streaming.
    •Includes protective steel shipping case.
    Does have Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, however we still reccommend you use a direct-cable connection for the best internet speeds!
    •Keyboard and Mouse is not included.

    Available Operating Systems:
    You will have the choice of either:
    Linux Ubuntu as an operating-system; a FREE, open-source alternative to Windows, or;
    Windows 11 Pro; which will be+$206.00 NZD, due to Windows being closed-sourced, and the purchasing of a license being required for each system.

    If you are unsue what Linux is; Click Here to see a video about it.

    If you want to see a library of which games can run on Linux; Click Here.

    Colour Options:
    Your will have the choice of Black (+$0.00) or Custom Vinyl Wrap (+$TBA). If you have your own custom template you wish to have applied to your purchase, then please email your template to us at and include your purchase order number in the email, after making your purchase here.

    Computer Specifications:
    •64GB of DDR4 RAM
    •1000GB of NVME Storage
    •Radeon RX 6800 XT Graphics Card (16GB)
    •Ryzen 7 5700G (8 Core - 3.8ghz)

    You can check out exactly how these components perform in the youtube video on the left <

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