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Tournament Information



This event is FREE for anyone wishing to register a team to compete, or to attend as an audience member, to watch all the action on the big screen


You will require a TEAM OF 3 PEOPLE to register for the tournament, these can include friends from other schools.

Ages of Competitors:

For those who wish to register a team to compete for FREE, you must be between the ages of 10-18 years old.

All competitors must be attending a NZ Intermediate or NZ High School.
Teams are allowed to have members from various schools on the same team.

Age restrictions may be subject to change, depending on the number of team registrations we receive. If we seek greater numbers, then me may widen age restrictions, however at this time you must be between 10-18 years old to compete.


Ages of Spectators:

Anyone of all ages may attend this event as an audience member for FREE. You are not required to register to attend the event as a spectator, however, please pay attention to COVID protocols that may be in place on the day, such as potentially needing a vaccine pass or not. We will inform everyone interested in attending the event what the current COVID protocols are closer to the time, through our public facebook page. You can view our public facebook page at any time, with or without a facebook account, by clicking here. We will also update our COVID information section on this page closer to the time.

COVID Information:

Vaccine Passes are NOT required for entry.
• Face masks are strongly encouraged

Cleaning Procedure
• Venue is thoroughly and regularly cleaned including all high touch surfaces
• Hand sanitiser is available in high touch areas
• Our staff will be required to wear masks when in public areas


Venue Location, Date and Time:

This event is taking place on; Saturday, May 7th 2022, at ILT Stadium Southland -Invercargill.

The competition officially starts at 9:00am, however we encourage folks to arrive at the venue 30-40 minutes earlier to ensure they are ready. This event will continue through the whole day, where we aim to deliver the prize ceremony between 7:30-8pm.

Team Sign In:

Teams that are competing in the tournament are required to meet at ILT Stadium the day before the event, between 5:00pm and 8:00pm, Friday 6th May in order to sign in. We require you to do this the day before the event, as we simply wont have time to arrange this on event day. Teams traveling to the region are encouraged to stay overnight, and enjoy all the other local experiences our community has to offer! Here is a link of things on offer in our city: Things to see and do in Invercargill


Team Registration:

In order to have your team registered officially for the tournament, you will require a total of 3 players per-team.

All members of your team must complete an online registration form (red button below). Once we receive 3 registration forms completed for the same team, we will send you a confirmation email of your teams registration on the provided emails in the registration forms.

Team Absences:

Any members of a team who register for this free event, and do not make an appearance, may not be allowed to attend future, free events. Please ensure if you register for this event, that you commit to making an appearance. All of your team members must have signed in the day prior to the event, and are present on event day in order to compete. If any of these conditions are not met, your team will be unable to compete.

Team Waiting List:

We only have room for 36 teams in total for this tournament. If we exceed this number, additional teams will be placed on a Waiting List, where you may be contacted and asked if your team still wishes to compete. If your team is at the event on the day, we may call you up if one team (or a member of that team) does not make an appearance, or if they are missing a player.


What game is being played:

The game that is being played at this tournament is called: Rocket League. This game is rated: E for Everyone, and is suitable for all ages. Described as "soccer, but with rocket-powered cars", Rocket League has players assigned to each of the two teams, using rocket-powered vehicles to hit a ball into their opponent's goal and score points over the course of a match.

You can find more information about this game here: Youtube Video Link


Tournament Structure:

•36 teams will start, with each team playing 2 games each.
•After each team has played 2 games, then the Top 20 teams will move on to the next round.
•The Top 20 teams will play 1 more game each, then the Top 10 teams will move on to the next round.
•The Top 10 teams will play *3 more games each. *This may change depending on delays/time management.


All equipment is provided by event organisers, Your Corps.
This includes: 20 high-performance computers, with keyboards, mice and gaming headsets. If you wish to bring your own controller to use, such as an Xbox or Playstation controller, then you will be able to plug your controller directly into one of our computers to use, instead of using a keyboard and mouse.

Players are not required to bring anything else with them on the day (other than some snacks, water and a controller if they wish to use a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard.)


Rocket League Accounts:

Unfortunately you will not be able to use your own Rocket League accounts, as this will take up far too much time to have people signing in and out each round. Instead, we have our own accounts for you to use.



There is a total prize pool of $5000.00 for this tournament, which has been generously donated by Yrless+, fast, reliable broadband internet for the deep south! These prizes for each team will be in the form of Warehouse Gift Cards, which will be distributed evenly to your fellow team mates. You can use Warehouse gift cards to buy all sorts of stuff at the warehouse, including Steam Cards, PS Store Gift Cards, and Xbox Store Gift Cards, as well as many other electronic and gaming goods from any Warehouse store!

Each Team will receive: 
1. $1000
2. $800
3. $650
4. $550
5. $450
6. $400
7. $350
8. $300
9. $250
10. $250

Arrangements will be made with the event organizers and the event winners regarding prizes at the end of the event. You will be required to speak with event organisers at the end of the event for them to collect contact information from you. Failure to be at the prize giving ceremony at the end of the event, will mean that you will forfeit your prize.

Controller Information:

If you wish to bring your own controller, please read this information very carefully, as this causes a great deal of problems for us if participants are unable to comply with these requests:

You can plug any DualShock 4 (PS4) Controller, DualSense (PS5) Controller, Xbox 360 Controller, Xbox One Controller and Xbox Series X|S Controller into our computers to use with Rocket League, however they MUST have a USB charging cable. Our computers do not have wireless connection capabilities, and must be connected via a USB charging cable. Please ensure that you bring your USB charging cable with your controller on the day. Other controllers may work, however, anything other than those listed above are not listed on Rocket Leagues website as officially supported, therefore we can not guarantee they will work.

Charging cable condition and controller charging port condition:
Please pay close attention to the quality and condition of your controllers cable and charging port. Just because a worn and heavily used controller can still be charged with your cable, does not mean it is in a suitable condition to receive complex input and output information through the charging port. We see many controllers brought to our events that are in horrendous quality, where kids have been disappointed to learn that it does not work via USB connection for controller input.

Methods of testing your controller condition for event day:
If your USB charging cable for your controller literally pivots in the charging port 360 degrees, it is definitely not going to work. If your USB charging cable literally falls out of the charging port, it is definitely not going to work.

If you wish to test your controller on our computers, you might be able to do so during the team sign-in, between 5:00pm and 8:00pm, Friday 6th May. We might be able to confirm then if it's suitable to use for the tournament. However, depending on our work load, we may be too busy to do this, so this is all subject to circumstance.

If in the event that your controller is not in a suitable condition to be used for the tournament, we have some of our own third-party branded controllers (non-official branded) that you will have use instead. However, we can not guarantee the condition of our controllers either, as they receive substantial use with other kids.

Under no circumstances will anyone receive a rematch due to controller issues as a result of their condition.


Information for Parents:

•Emergency Contact Numbers are required for all who wish to attend our events. You will be required to input one on each registration, per each competitor, please ensure these are correct.

• All parents/ caregivers must arrange with their children how they are to be picked up from an event. Children must be informed by parents/caregivers what the plan is, and if they are to wait at an event, of make their own way home.  You must also inform and ensure your child is not to leave the venue under any circumstances if you do not wish for them to do so.

• The game being played at this event is called: Rocket League. This game has a PEGI rating of E for Everyone.

•Please send your child with a packed lunch and a water bottle, it's going to be a long day. Alternatively, food will be available to purchase at the ILT Stadium Southland Cafe throughout the day.

•By participating in our events, you understand and accept that your child may appear in photos and videos taken at the event to be used for promotion and marketing, that may appear online and social media. You are also required to accept these terms on behalf of your child (under the ages of 18) on the team registration form if they are competing.

•You will be required on each ticket to state any potential health concerns we should be aware of, such as allergies, history epilepsy etc, if your child is competing.



•Food will be available to purchase at the venue, however you are also welcome to bring your own foods/snacks. We also encourage you strongly to bring your water bottle! You will not be able to bring fast-food products, such as fish and chips and pizza into the event.


Code of Conduct:

By registering and entering the tournament, you agree to the competition rules (code of conduct). By entering the tournament, you also understand that if you do not adhere to the code of conduct, you may be disqualified from further participation. Our goal is that everyone enjoys the day around playing, watching and talking about esports. Thus, we will distribute code of conduct ahead of time and in various media forms, including linked below this statement. If you are unclear about any of the rules or do not exactly understand what they meet, please ask us at any time before or during the tournament. These codes and policies also apply to members of the audience. Failure to abide by these rules, may mean that we ask you to leave the premises. 


We are no longer accepting online registrations for players wishing to compete in the tournament. However, we are still accepting new last-minute entries on 'Registration Day', which is on the Friday the 6th of May at ILT Stadium Southland between the hours for 5:00pm and 8:00pm. Any late tournament entrants wishing to compete and participate in the tournament will be required to appear physically on this day (Fri, 6th May) between these hours to manually sign up to compete in the tournament. Not all entrants require a team, and you may sign up as a SOLO player: we will group you up on the day of the Tournament (7th May) with other SOLO players to make a new team of 3 for you to play with during the tournament.

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