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Balclutha (Cltha Corps)
March 21
Event 1: 12:00pm until 3:00pm



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Please confirm the Date and Time of the Event above is for the event you wish to book.

Please disclose in the product page options where asking:
1. Does your child have any health conditions we should be aware of?
2. Parent/ Caregiver Name and Emergency Phone Number?
3. Some of the games played at our events can include violent or graphic scenes e.g. Fortnite, Call of Duty. Do you grant your child permission to play these games?

Once you have purchased online, there is nothing else required on your behalf. A phyiscal ticket is not required, and no further action needs to be taken on your behalf. 

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No ticket will be sent via Email or by Post, this is strictly for our records only.

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Do you give permission to play games with Violence
  • By participating in any of our Your Corps events, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions:

    1. You have arranged with your child prior to the event how they will return home safely, such as you collecting them after the event yourself. It is your responsibility to ensure with your child they do not make their own way home after the event if this is not what you wish.
    2. Some children are given extra pocket money to temporary leave the venue to go to a local dairy. IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR CHILD TO LEAVE THE VENUE under ANY circumstances, you must ensure with your child that they are not to leave the venue.
    3. Some of the games played at our events can include violent or graphic scenes e.g. Fortnite, Call of Duty. You are required when you purchase a ticket online to disclose whether or not you allow your child to play these games. If you are paying cash on the day, it is your responsibility to express your concern regarding your child playing these games to the event organizers, and we will do our best to enforce your content preference. Rest assured, mature content such as 'Grand Theft Auto' is forbidden from all of our events regardless, however mainstream demand such as Fortnite and Call of Duty games are abundant at our events. A full list of our available games is available on our website for your consideration.
    4.  By participating in our event, you understand and accept that your child may appear in photos and videos taken at the event to be used as promotion for future events, that may appear online and on social media.
    5. You are required to disclose if your child has any existing health conditions that may be of concern, and that we should be aware of.