Only $20* per Month!

*See our terms below

Get your very own Membership Card, or sponsor a child by covering their subscription.

Get instant, guaranteed access to ALL Your Corps Video Gaming events in your region with a club membership card.

Club Membership Benefits:


•A computer at each event in your region with your name on it, exclusively reserved for you!

•No need for cash at the event.

•No Pre-Event registration required.

•No more missing out due to a full-house.

•Works exactly the same as a Gym Membership!

•Just turn up to your event, and join the action!


only 200 cards AVAILABLE

Cards are strictly limited to the number of computers available at events. Once they are all claimed, that's it. ​


Cash entry is available for non-members, but only if computers are still available.

Terms and Conditions:

Payment Plan Details

First Payment is $40.00, (plus a one-time fee of $2.00 to load a new customer). This includes the cost of a Club Card and Lanyard, and your first month of membership. Payments are made 1 Day after sign-up.

• Monthly Recurring Payments of $20.00 (plus a transaction fee of $0.82)  start Approx 28 days after first Payment.

Failed Payments will incur a $9.90 Fee.

Note: Club Membership Cards are only active for your regions events.


Payment Instructions

All you have to do to sign up, is click the Sign Up button below.

Fill out the information in the link you are taken to, and you will be officially recorded as a Your Corps Club Member!

Please ensure your email and phone number is correct, as James will contact you regarding which region you are requesting membership for, and arrange getting your hands on physical Club Card!



Wish to Sponsor a Child?

By sponsoring a kid, one membership card will go to a deserving child in our community. They'll get the same access to these events as anyone else, and you'll know you're giving them the gift of inclusion, mateship and fun.

If you're looking to sponsor, complete the sign up normally and then simply email us at with your First and Last name and let us know your membership was a sponsorship.

There are so many kids in our community that go without. When you sponsor, we'll match your membership with someone who will truly appreciate your contribution.

Please Note: Your membership will need to remain active for that child to keep their club membership active. If for some reason that child no longer wants to attend, we'll match your sponsorship with another deserving kid.