Fees Policy Statement

Fees Policy

Fees for the Your Corps ‘Corps Care’ After School and Holiday Programmes have been set as follows:

Regular Enrolments: $10.00 Per-Hour/Per-Child
Casual Enrolments: $15.00 Per-Hour/Per-Child


•Parents will be encouraged to pay by direct debit or cash any fees owing on first day of the following week.


•Fees will not be allowed to be in arrears for beyond two weeks. In this case a child will be excluded from the programme until fees are paid as per terms of the Exclusion Policy. Outstanding fees may be passed to a credit agency at discretion of the programme management committee.


•All cash is to be handed by parents to the Supervisor.

•All fees paid will be receipted ASAP (cash immediately on payment) and banked by the supervisor the following day.

•Cash under $20 can be stored in the locked cabinet at the programme venue.

•The supervisor will take larger cash sums home.

•The supervisor will not be held liable for thefts by another party of programme fees.

•The supervisor is required to account for all fees receipted to the programme treasurer.

•Late pick up chargers will be made as follows: $20 charged per 15 minutes late.

•Regular bookings that fall on public holidays will be charged for at the normal hourly rate, however this may be subject to change after a yearly review.

•Fees will be reviewed annually by the programme manager. Parents will be given two weeks notice of any fees increase.

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