Complaints Policy Statement

Complaints Policy


  • Your Corps is committed to providing a quality service where collaboration ensures all concerns are heard from all people.


  • Clear guidelines for how to lay a complaint are easily accessible.

  • Efficient communication ensures complaints are followed up in a timely manner.

  • All aspects are documented immediately by management.

  • Resolutions are able to be reached.


  • Complaints are to be directed initially to the Supervisor. The supervisor will assess the situation and support resolution, feeding back to the parent.

  • If a resolution cannot be reached then the complaint will be handed to management.

  • Serious grievances will be documented and management will make an informed decision.

  • Management will respond within 48 hours and a decision will be reached within five days.

  • Child, Youth, and Family or the department of Labour may be contacted should any issue concerning the complaint remain unsatisfactory to the people involved.

  • Management can be contacted on 027 333 9452 (James Wards, Owner and Operator of Your Corps)

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