Children with Special Needs Policy

Children with special needs:


Your Corps acknowledges the right of children/youth with disabilities.


Our programme will make provision for the appropriate care and recreation of any children with special needs who attend.


Your Corps will aim to provide disability awareness training to its entire staff. This is to increase confidence, knowledge and ability for all staff working with children with disabilities. Relevant information needs to be obtained from caregivers and included on the child’s enrolment form.


It is up to the supervisor to inform the staff and volunteers on the programme of any relevant detail needed to include the child with a disability. The supervisor may need to consult with the caregiver or agency to identify the level of support required for the child with a disability.


If the child with a disability requires a support person, the caregiver or agency must ensure one is present. This will be made effective via information sharing with all parties to ensure the needs of the child are being met and the process of integration is facilitated.


Any extra costs incurred will be at the expense of the family enrolling the child.

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