Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy


To ensure the ongoing safety and protection of all enrolled children with Your Corps.


  • All supervisors have a clear understanding of how to promote positive behaviour guidance with children.

  • Supervisors understand the procedure for notifying management about suspected child abuse.

  • Management follow clear guidelines when a notification of child abuse is made to ensure Child, Youth, and Family and/or the Police are notified immediately.

  • Management will source and share knowledge with supervisors about types of child abuse to be aware of.


  • Supervisors will be provided with appropriate material regarding child protection.

  • Supervisors will become familiar with the Your Corps Child Protection Policy.

  • All staff, and other adults over 17 years will complete police vetting forms on appointment to Your Corps and before commencing their role. Enrolments will not be completed until these are all deemed acceptable. These will be undertaken annually there after.

  • Management will ensure current knowledge of Child, Youth, and Family and the Police to respond efficiently to child abuse. Management has completed the five day Child Protection Studies Programme through Child Matters outlining child abuse indicators, reporting, the types of abuse, and risk factors for children.

  • Your Corps will provide any appropriate information to Child, Youth, and Family and Police during an investigation.

  • Your Corps will provide families/whānau with information about other supporting agencies in the community to support families/whānau.

  • Should any suspected child abuse situations arise, supervisors will be supported by management to report their suspicions to an appropriate authority.

  • Management are to be informed immediately of any suspected cases of child abuse.

  • All concerns will be documented as soon as is appropriately possible.

  • If a notification of child abuse by the supervisor comes to the attention of management, management will immediately contact Child, Youth, and Family or the New Zealand police and suspend the supervisor until a full investigation is completed. Parents/ guardians will be contacted immediately and informed that the educator has been suspended and no longer accessing the Your Corps service until the investigation is complete.

  • Supervisors will ensure that they are never left alone with a child if at all possible.

  • Supervisors will never transport a child in a vehicle alone.

  • All visitors must be within site of a supervisor if interacting with the children.

  • Anyone at anytime can contact Child, Youth and Family or the New Zealand Police if they suspect child abuse is occurring. 0508 326459 or 111, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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