After School Care
Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions



  • Parents must provide their full contact details on the enrolment form, including an email address for billing purposes. Any changes to the information given must be notified to the Your Corps office.

  • Two weeks payment ($300.00 deposit) in advance is required for new, regular enrolments.

  • Casual Enrolments are available, however these can only be accepted with a minimum of 48 hours notice, and if we have available space.



Schedule of fees

The fee for regular enrolments is $30.00 per afternoon space (3pm – 6pm, at our rate of $10/Hour). For full time children using the full 15 hours per week the fee is $150.00 per week. Payment by automatic payment is preferable.

  • All fees must be paid regularly: weekly, fortnightly or as arranged in writing with the Manager.

  • For overdue accounts of more than two weeks a weekly automatic payment will be required for an agreed amount. Interest will be charged at a rate of 10% for overdue accounts.

  • Your Corps reserves the right to make any amendment to the fees schedule as required. All charges are correct at the time of publication of this schedule and should be confirmed with Your Corps on enrollment.

  • Parents/caregivers are liable to pay for any costs incurred for debt collection/legal costs in the event of their account becoming overdue for payment.

The fee for casual enrolments is $45.00 per afternoon space (3pm – 6pm, at our casual rate of $15/Hour). Payment must be made before any casual enrolments are accepted. We can only accept casual enrolments if we have space available. No refunds will be accepted if your child does not attend.




  • Attendees are expected at the Your Corps ‘Corps Class’ on the designated days unless the office staff have been notified in advance of the child’s absence.

Pickups-after school/School Bus

  • Notify the office or Your Corps mobile (0273339452) by 2pm on the day if your child is not attending.

Collecting children-end of day

  • Children are to be collected by 6:00pm daily.

  • Ensure that your child/ren are signed out when picked up from Your Corps ‘Corps Class’ and staff notified.

  • A Late Collection Fee may be charged for any child/ren collected after this time. This fee is $20 per each 15 minutes.





  • Parents/caregivers must notify the Your Corps office or text the cell phone 0273339452 of the non attendance/absence of your child/ren by 2 pm on the day concerned. Full fees are charged in all absences.


  • Your Corps will ascertain the whereabouts of all children whose attended is expected unless notification has been given to the contrary.

  • In the event that any of those children do not arrive at the after school care as expected, the staff will follow up with the parents/caregivers to ascertain the child’s whereabouts.

  • Your Corps takes no responsibility for any child/ren’s arrival at Corps Class if their attendance has not previously been notified to the Your Corps staff.


Authorized persons

  • Only authorized persons (as indicated on the enrolment form) will be allowed to collect children from the Your Corps ‘Corps Class’.

  • Any changes to a child’s authorized persons must be made in writing to Your Corps. An adult not known to Your Corps must provide identification.

  • Parents/caregivers with custody orders must provide a copy to Your Corps.

  • In the case of a non-custodial person arriving to collect the child, Your Corps will contact the Police and provide and copy of the order for the police to enforce. A child will not be permitted to go home with a parent/caregiver in contravention of a custody/court order held at Your Corps.

  • In the event of a non-custodial parent gaining access to a child, Your Corps cannot be held liable.


  • Your Corps has the right to inquire at the School of the perspective attendee before accepting the child into the OSCAR program.


  • If asked by Your Corps, parents/caregivers will agree to remove their child from the programme if their child’s behaviour is consistently harmful to the child or other children or parents/caregivers.


  • If the child has any medical condition, develops a medical condition or is on medication, Your Corps must be notified.

  • If medication is to be administered to the child, this must be clearly labeled with the child’s name and the expiry date of the medication.

  • Parents/caregiver should not send the child to Your Corps ‘Corps Class’ if the child is unwell.

  • Your Corps staff may at their discretion refuse to accept a child who they think is too unwell to attend the ‘Corps Class’. In this event the parent/caregiver will be notified.

  • In the event of an emergency, Your Corps staff will administer first aid and seek emergency treatment if necessary. If medical help is required by a doctor, parents/caregivers are to cover the cost.


  • Parents/caregivers and children should feel free to discuss any queries or problems with staff.

  • Parents/caregivers are welcome to arrange an appointment to speak with the Manager.

  • A copy of the complaints procedure can be found on our complaints policy page, by following the link at the bottom of the 'Programme Information' page, or by clicking here.


  • All personal information provided to Your Corps is confidential and will not be used for any other purpose other than enrolment.



  • Your Corps bears no liability for any loss or damage to any child, or property (by way of accident, injury, theft or otherwise) arising out of attendance to this program.



Parent/caregiver Information



The program is structured around 20 state-of-the-art computers setup ready to go on arrival, ready for the kids to play multiplayer video games with one another socially. Children operating our computers offer a unique learning opportunity to discover more about how they work, and co-coordinating with their peers to offer the best entertainment experience. Afternoon tea is also provided on arrival (*casual enrolments must have enrolled no less than 48 hours prior to attending to have food provided) . All activities are well supervised, and time will be available for those children wishing to do homework, if parents/caregivers desire. We can only encourage homework however, and one on one attention is not available. However, we would advise children not to be required to do homework at our event, as they would likely become anxious with others enjoying games if they haven't got any homework. It is our strong belief, that they will learn far more from using industry-standard, sophisticated networking and computer technologies than homework they can likely complete at home instead. If the completion of homework does become a conflict of interest with our program, then please let us know, and perhaps we can co-ordinate a better practice with your child’s school to formulate a more effective use of their time, should the child be participating in extra-curricular activities.



To provide a safe, supportive, and reliable after school care environment for children, where all Primary School aged children (and some Intermediate aged children) are able to be involved in activities and experiences that keep them interested.



Children may come to Your Corps ‘Corps Class’ on a regular basis or casual basis, however we only have a limited number of computers available, and some casual enrolments may not be accepted if we don't have space.


Your Corps provides a safe and affordable service for parents and children, ensuring that all children expected to attend ‘Corps Class’ will be accounted for. In the event that any of those children do not arrive at ‘Corps Class’ as expected, the staff will follow up with parents/caregivers to ascertain the child’s whereabouts. Non-attendance without notification will be charged.



Initial contact to join the group should be made through the Your Corps website enrolment form. An enrolment form must be completed for each child, including casuals, which can be obtained online at our website, or by contacting the office or from the program Manager. You are welcome to visit ‘Corps Class’ at any time with your child/ren.



All the School’s rules must be adhered to along with the ‘Corps Class’ rules as displayed in the premises.



We use behaviour management techniques that encourage positive self-esteem and development. It is our goal to ensure that children and their families experience an environment where they feel safe, secure, respected and their dignity is protected. This is done through the use of positive reinforcement and a stimulating and varied program to ensure children are kept engaged in activities. Every effort is made to help your child settle into the program.





A copy of the Your Corps ‘Corps Class’ policy and procedures is available on our website, at the bottom of the 'Programme Information' page, or by clicking here.



Bank account: Your Corps (Hulisk Limited)

Account number: 06-0923-0175896-00

Please use child’s first initial and surname as reference when making a payment.

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